Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mr. Jack linocut @ Arludik

Je suis désolé de toujours laisser ce blog à l'abandon mais je travaille beaucoup sur de choses que je ne peux pas encore montrer.
Mais j'ai tout de même trouvé un peu de temps pour faire cette petite lino gravure pour l'exposition collective "L'étrange Noël de Mr. Jack " à la galerie Arludik, à partir du 22 février prochain. J'ai l'habitude d'imprimer sur presse et j'ai donc un peu galérer pour le faire à la main avec des encres à l'eau mais après quelques ratés et beaucoup de persévérance, je suis finalement arrivé à quelque chose de pas trop mal. Et ça m'a aussi prouvé que c'était possible.

I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog so much lately, but I'm working a lot on things I can't show yet and it doesn't let me a lot of spare time to do other things.
But here is a little something I nonetheless managed to squeeze in...  
This is a linocut "homemade" print I did for the upcoming collective hommage show "The Nightmare before Christmas " at Arludik gallery in Paris, that will start from February the 22nd.
I'm usually used to print with proper press so I struggled a bit doing it by hand with water-based ink. But after a few failed attempts and perseverance, I finally got to something. Hope you'll like it.  


Chris Powell said...

This looks great! I loved Nightmare Before Christmas growing up as a kid. Are there any books you recommend about printmaking?

Polyminthe said...

Sorry Chris, I can't think of any book. I learned it at art school. But it isn't hard, it requires just a bit of practise and making it wrong first :)

Simon said...

La classe Sylvain !! Superbes ces lito.
A très bientôt !

Polyminthe said...

Merci mon Simon!

dicet said...


Anna Bron said...

it's beautiful!!!

"TORI CAT" said...

These are great fun Sylvain!!
i like the Sally legs!! hee hee!!
Great work like always!

Sketch Travel turned out beautifully!!!
I sold a stack of my new books to Steward Ng whilst exhibiting at CTN in November, which i ended up trading with him instead to get my copy of sketch travel. :)
I remember Gerald telling me about it years ago at Annecy, and so it is so nice to see an idea come to life and finally finished!! a huge congrats to you all! You should all be very proud :D

Are you still in London? It would be great to catch up some time, as i never made it in the end to the Artist's help japan expo launch last year!

Like always, keep up the beautiful and fantastic work!

Best wishes,


Antonin Herveet said...

classe !

jerome virmont said...

En vrai elle est encore plus sympa!!!

Luna minijuegos said...

Is beautiful i like

Gonzalez Villalba Mariela Concepcion said...

is great! cool XDXDXDXD

best regards from Armenia