Monday, November 10, 2008

Portfolio update

J'ai mis mes quatre pages parues dans l'album "Rendez-vous" dans mon portfolio.

I've put the four pages for the book "Rendez-vous" on my portfolio page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvain,
great pages!
beautiful bright colors.


samacleod said...

Love your work. I would love to buy one of your books from your illustration section, but alas, I can't find any of your work for sale on the internet, am I looking in the wrong places? Can you put a link on the side if there is such a place?

You're awesome. And I'm jealous you got to meet Quentin Blake ;)

RAWLS said...

Awesome!! Great work my friend! Congrats on the sketchtravel too!

Nénent said...

Je le redis, elles claquent ces planches ! J'aime tout, l'histoire, les idées, les clins d'œil, le dessin, et alors les couleurs... sont fabuleuses. Encore ;)

à plus, Clément.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pages! amazing compositions. And I'm in awe of you meeting Mr. Blake!!

Polyminthe said...

Thanks everyone!
Sam, I don't have anything to sell, but you can purchase the book on amazon. I'm thinking of maybe sell prints or linocuts things, I usually give them to friends..I'll think about it.

messytimbo said...

i can't believe it! Quentin Blake! i love him, he's a absolute god in my eyes. your so lucky to have met him the way your did, as a fellow artist and contributor

ooh i'd love to have a good look aroung his studio.

amazing, i'm really impressed.