Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Psychologie féminine

Ma cop's Marion Montaigne, (alias l’hilarant professeur moustache) m'a fait l'honneur de me demander d'illustrer une carte postale du deuxième tome de son livre "Tu mourras moins bête" à paraître cette année chez Ankama.
La phrase était imposée, et ce barbu m'a semblé idéal pour l'avoir posée. Elle illustrera cette note.
I did this picture for the upcoming book of my good friend Marion Montaigne, famous in France for a drawn blog she does about science, which is hilarious. Each time, a fake reader sends a question on a postcard and she answers it it the most funny and unpredictable way, based on real scientific facts but speaking in the name of her avatar, the mustached professor. 
She asked me to draw on of those cards. And it was fun!
The text on the right says:"Why do all some women are a pain is the ass a bit complicated? BlueBeard"